Rach Collins's blog

Rach's Reflection: What shapes my faith?

Rach ponders what it is that shapes her faith, enabling her to live it out through her politics and beyond. 

Rach’s Diary: The Calm Before The Beginning

Rach is getting ready for the beginning of the year. Read about where she found calm in the midst of preparing!  

Rach's Reflection: From This Day

It's A Level results day -  day of celebration, or a day of commiseration. Rach reflects on how results day is also a moment to pause, take note of who you are, and then step forward.

Rach's Reflection: Rest

Rach reflects on how running for trains can mirror the rest of her life and the need for rest.

Rach's Reflections: Discipleship

Rach joins in with discipleship month to add her own reflections with a bit of help from Simon Peter and Jonah.

Rach's Diary - A meal out in Manchester

Rach recalls meals out, theological reflection and a train update.

Rach's Diary - Perks of the job

Rach loves working for SCM - here is her latest adventure, this time in the air rather than on the rails!

Rach's Reflections - Heaven Jump

On Sunday night, Rach preached at Lancaster Chaplaincy about Ascension and the time of waiting before Pentecost as told in Acts 1. 

Rach's Diary - Both Sides of the River

Rach shares tales of the events and meetings she's attended on both sides of the river Irwell this month. 

Rach's Diary - Easter time

Rach once sang "Easter time is a lot of fun, have a look what we have done" It goes on to explain that they have made their Easter Bonnets. This isn't a song but it is what Rach has been doing this Easter.