Rach Collins's blog

Rach's Reflections - Everybody's changing

18 months in and on the move, Rach reflects on the constant that is change in SCM.

Rach's Diary - Just another month in the office

Was that February? Read about Rach's latest adventures this month. 

Rach's Reflections - The First (Student) Sunday of Lent

Rach reflects on the Student Sunday 2018 theme of 'God’s Gifts' in relation to this Sunday’s Gospel Lectionary.

Rach's Reflections - Our Little Boats

Last Friday, Rach and Simon went to the University Ministry Forum in Manchester. Rach reflects on the conversations they had, and on her little boat that is the North West Hub.

Rach's Diary - Commuter: Ninja Level - Unlocked

A quick update on the end of January from Rach, including visits, plans and the day she became a Train Ninja.

Rach's Diary - Quiet January

While the students are away - or, you know, focusing on revising - what does a Regional Worker get up to? This is Rach's January tale!

Rach's Reflections - So That

One thing always leads to another. Rach ponders causes and effects.

Rach's Reflections - My Little Jar of Advent

How are you marking the days of Advent?

Rach's Diary - SCM Christmas

Last week the SCM staff team celebrated the coming of Jesus, and Rach went on all her usual adventures.

Rach's Diary - Special Saturdays and the Weeks Inbetween

Rach has yet again been all over the place! Catch up with her latest adventures on the blog.