Rach Collins's blog

Rach's Diary - Desks, desks and more desks

Working from home, working from Ikea and setting up the SCM office; what has Rach been up to over the last fortnight?

Rach's Reflection - no big yellow taxi

Rach ponders on living in the now and not waiting for things to be over to see them as they really are.

Rach's Reflections - Boxes

When your life is all in boxes what is it that you keep?

Rach's Diary - a Double Conference Sandwich

A fortnight that is best described as two conferences sandwiched in St Peter's House office time bread.

Rach's Diary - Here, There and Everywhere!

In the past they were called Travelling Secretaries, now as the Regional Worker, Rach has been all over the place.

Rach's Reflections - Celebrate with SCM

Rach ponders celebrating endings and beginnings and invites you to celebrate with us at Movement 2017: All Are Welcome.

Rach's Diary - two very different weeks

Rach shares tales from the last fortnight.

Rach's Diary - Back on the rails

Train 500, and everything that happened to get Rach there.

Rach’s Reflections: Whatever the Future May Be

Why finding a career isn’t the be-all and end-all of university.

Rach's Diary - April at my desk

It's great when things are a bit quieter! What's Rach been up to while the students are away?