Rach Collins's blog

Rach's Diary: A week in Manchester

Rach ponders about homelessness, faith in action and does her work as well.

Rach's Diary - talks, tissues and even more trains

Talks, the Scotland Gathering, Meetings and Evaluations and the fun stories along the way - this week for Rach

Rach's Diary - Over the Pennines

Rach's week, more food, more trains and a trip to Sheffield.

Rach's Diary - A Day in Liverpool

A Chaplaincy, Charity and Link Church all in one day. Rach's first day in Liverpool as the Regional Development Worker.

Rach's Diary - Food Glorious Food

Sharing meals in my first month at SCM

Rach's Diary - Freshers in Manchester

Find out about my Freshers experiences!

Rach's Diary - Dashing here and dashing there

Tales from my week with trains, more induction, talking and planning. 

Rach’s Diary – No Train No Gain

SCM’s two-day training course concludes my first full week – exploring worship, discipleship and leadership.

Rach's Diary - Home Sweet Office Home

Week 2 and I'm preparing and settling into my office.

Rach's diary - Week 1

Rach Collins reflects on her first two days working at SCM.