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Congratulations to the Methodist conference!

The Student Christian Movement are delighted by today’s news that the Methodist Conference has approved same-sex marriage within its churches. This decision comes as a welcome change to LGBTQ+ individuals and their families, as well as allies, who have been advocating for this change for many years.

The introduction of same-sex marriages in Methodist Churches is an important step in recognising and affirming LGBTQ+ relationships. Many of SCM’s members are Methodists, and we rejoice with them on this historic day.

You've Got Male (Privilege)

Rob reflects on his privilege and the continued pursuit of learning how to raise up other voices, and generally be a better ally to those with less privilege.

Rest: The Lost Art of Stopping

How good are your boundaries? Do you have defined start and end points in your day? Can you happily do nothing and not feel guilty for doing so? Or do you always have a niggling feeling of approaching deadlines or needing to be productive in some way?  Rob reminds us of the importance of resting well. 

Multiplying Kindness to Fight Division

Rob (Midlands RDW) reflects on some recent revelations and experiences in a world that is feeling more and more divided everyday.

Discipleship: Creating Community

In a society like today where we are somehow always connected we seem to be at the same time very disconnected. We know about everything that is happening on the world stage but not much about our next-door neighbour. So, what does community look like in these times? And how do we 'do discipleship' in it?

SCM's Big Church Day Out Debut

Rob has returned to the office after two consecutive weekends at the North and South Big Church Days Out.  If you missed the first blog about the Big Church Day Out, never fear! Read this to get an idea of what it’s all about.

SCM at Big Church Day Out

There’s not long to go now until SCM will be exhibiting at one of the biggest live music weekends in the Christian Calendar, the Big Church Day Out. Rob, our SCM Connect Project Worker, along with two SCM volunteers, will be heading down South to Wiston House in West Sussex then back up the following week to Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. We’ll be joining a whole bunch of other organisations in the Bazaar, giving out goody bags and telling everyone about SCM and our work. 

Supporting Stressed Students

A student worker & church leaders' guide to Supporting Stressed Students this exam season.

5 Ways To Deal With Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month, and in the second of this two-part series we'll be exploring five ways to help in  your quest to de-stress. You can check out our blog, De-stressing On A Time Budget, for some suggestions of ways to give yourself a quick break from work and practice come self care, and read part one of the series here: Part One: Signs of Stress.

Signs of Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month. In the first of this two-part series we'll be looking at some of the telltale signs of stress to watch out for, especially with the approach of exams and deadlines. You can check out our blog, De-stressing On A Time Budget, for some quick ways to give yourself a break from work and practice some self care and read part two of the series here: Part Two: Dealing With Stress.