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Tallking about the Ark: An Interview with Jean Vanier

An interview with Jean Vanier from the Movement Archives. This interview was originally published in Issue 134 of Movement magazine, Spring 2010.

Pebbles and Pronouns

How to be a better trans ally with the help from the forest. Kenneth explores the importance of language and naming for the trans community, and of finding a better way. 

How (Not) To Prepare For a Year Abroad

Louise shares her top tips for how not to prepare for studying abroad! 

Embracing the Unexpected: Finding Community at University

Going to uni and finding a community can be overwhelming. How can we embrace the unexpected to find communities where we are known and loved? Molly shares her experience with us.  

A Biblical Look at Preparation

Patrick from Lancaster SCM takes a look at what the Bible teaches us about preparation. 

Preparing For University

How can you be best prepared in every way for university life, either as a fresher or returning student? Matthew gives some helpful advice below about how to prepare - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

The Golden Rule of Pride

SCM Member Ellen shares her experience of Pride with us.

A Biblical Look at Rest

Gemma takes a look at the principal of rest that runs through the Bible, giving us some practical ways that we can fit rest into our busy 21st Century lives. 

Kept in Precious Love: Finding True Rest in God

Debbie shares how illness forced her to stop placing her worth in academia and instead define herself and her rest in God. 

Discipleship: Deepening Faith

SCM’s third aim is Deepening Faith. For the next installment of the SCM Discipleship series we asked our Members to share the ways in which they deepen their faith that aren't the usual suspects.