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Why You Should Stand for General Council

Some of our current GC members shared with us how GC has allowed them to give back to the movement and gain valuable experience from volunteering with SCM, and why you should consider it too!

Stand for election to General Council 2021

Are you passionate about the work of SCM? Do you want an opportunity to develop your skills? Stand for election to General Council!


In Favour of 'Global Majority'

Augustine puts forward a case for scrapping the term BAME and instead adopting People of Global Majority. 

There is evil, there is good, our actions matter, there will be justice

What have you learned from 2020? Kate reflects on the truth that Apocalyptic times reveal to us that there is evil, there is good, our actions matter, and that there will be justice.

Our Ongoing Response to COVID-19

SCM's ongoing response to the global pandemic.

Our Daily Bread

Liddy reflects on our recent campaign launch event for Our Daily Bread.

Agape Amidst Apocalyptic Advents

Shanika explores why we need to love one another now more than ever in the midst of this most Apocalyptic of Advents. 

Don't Understand Revelation? It's Not the End of the World!

Andii Bowsher explores the oft confusing Book of Revelation, and explains why we're (probably) not at the end of the world. 

Apocalypse Now

Modified from a sermon given on the first Sunday of Advent at St. David of Scotland, Scottish Episcopal Church, Edinburgh by Ross Jesmont. Ross explores what apocalpyse could mean for us this Advent. 

Be Strong. Have Courage. Don't lose hope.

Some words of encouragement as we enter England's second lockdown.