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Renewed and Rebellious: What I Learned from JPIT’s 2020 Conference

'On Saturday 7th March, I went to JPIT’s national conference in Derby. The conference’s title, “Renewal and Rebellion: Faith, Economy and Climate” could not have been more relevant to the issues we are currently facing as a community, country and world. So, I expected good things. It’s fair to say that I was not disappointed!'

SCM: Our Response to COVID-19

Naomi and Tom outline SCM's response to the current global pandemic.

130th Anniversary Celebration Sermon

Elaine Graham's address from SCM's 130th Anniversary Celebration Service at Coventry Cathedral.

He Knows My Name

Miriam reflects on finding a sense of identity through her time in the UK and with SCM Lancaster.

A Couple of Methodists, an Anglican, a Unitarian and Some Board Games…

Siân shares their experiences of finding an SCM group on campus and how it challenges them to keep growing. 

What Known By Name Meant For Me: Emily's Testimony.

Emily tells us what this weekend meant to her and why she became an SCM Member. 

What Known By Name Meant For Me: Jack's Testimony.

Jack tells of the unique community created at Known By Name.

From Communard to Catholic: An Interview With Richard Coles

What inspires a successful pop star to pack it all in, convert to Catholicism and study theology? Caroline Bailey met Richard Coles to find out. this interview was first published in Issue 89 of Movement magazine in the Spring of 1995.

Loving the Earth

I recently attended Love the Earth, a climate change focused event in Edinburgh. There was only a small group of us, but that made discussion easier. The first session was led by Liz Marsh, looking at ecology in liturgy. It was interesting reading liturgy written specifically about climate change! We had some critical reflections about this and hoped that if it were re-written now (it was a few years old) the language would be much stronger. I particularly liked the idea of viewing the Earth as sacrament and what that might mean for us.

The God Who Chose To Make Us

"The God I know is a God who wants me whole, in all the messy entirety of who I am. God made me this way for a reason, and my existence is no burden for Them – I can be sure of Their love."