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A Response to the Church of England's Pastoral Statement

SCM's trustees respond to the recent pastoral statement regarding sex, civil partnerships, and marriage from the Church of England's House of Bishops.

Student Cross: A Mystery That Draws You In

Since becoming a practising Christian I have gone to a few extra church services around Holy Week and Easter, but otherwise it has just been a normal week for me. Last year, though, I decided I wanted to do something different. For a long time pilgrimage has been of interest to me, specifically walking pilgrimages. Having read about them I decided it was something I wanted to experience first-hand.

When I'm With You I Feel at Home

Emi explores what and where 'home' is. 

So Let's Speak

Victoria grieves the injustice of CTE's presidency controversy, and reflects on SCM’s historical shaping of ecumenism inspiring a call to action.

The Advent of Adulting

Naomi explores what advent can teach us about adulthood. 

Faith and the General Election (Revisited)

We hear from SCM members Alec Temple and Juliane Borchert on what's important to them this election.

Prepared Him Room

Last weekend SCM members escaped on retreat in the Lakes. Beth shares her experience. 

The Healing Powers of Anointing of the Sick: A Roman Catholic Perspective

A Roman Catholic perspective on the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. 

Reflections from the WSCF European Regional Assembly

SCM Members Lizzie and Jenny recently attended the WSCF European Regional Assembly in Denmark. Lizzie reflects on the value of coming together with other Student Christian Movements from across Europe to share stories and create change. 

All May, None Must, Some Should: a Methodist View of Confession

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one typically associated with Roman and Anglo- Catholicism, but Jessica, a Methodist, has found great freedom in practicing the act of Confession in her own life.