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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Activism in Exile

Nathan explores how we can balance being safe in a pandemic with pursuing justice through the example of the lives of Tillich and Bonhoeffer.

Exile As Opportunity: The Fringes and Hidden Corners of the Church

Shanika reflects on the opportunity that lockdown brings to include those on the fringes of the church.

Black Grief

Yordanos reflects on the grief of being Black in a society that was built to oppress you.

Zooming Off and Unexpected Fruits

Revd Laura Rhodes, Chaplain at the University of Chester, marvels at the success that has been achieved in lockdown. 

Purpose Lost

"All that lovely free time and space I thought I’d have to make a promotion plan for my podcast, write my essays, read loads of books etc. was gone. It had been sucked up into an emotional mess in my brain. My energy levels were low. Sometimes I could manage the washing up or a short walk, read a little bit of a book, but it was punctuated by zero motivation about the things I care most about, plus numbness and sadness. For some furlough is a gift; a break from a job they may not love. But for many of us in ministry and other vocational lines of work, furlough can feel like taking away of purpose and a living out of God’s calling." Lizzie explores the grief of losing purpose and direction.

We’ll Meet Again: The Grief of Uncertain Endings

The current pandemic compounds the natural grief that comes with the end of one’s degree. Students are not sitting exams in the way envisioned, and post-exam celebrations with friends (alongside summer balls) are a very distant dream. Various summer graduation ceremonies have been cancelled. How might our faith help us to deal with the lack of closure that comes from not knowing if or when you might see your friends again, and the ensuing grief?

Comparison is the Thief of Grief

Grief is hard, and tricky. Trying to rank our personal losses against those of others can make us feel like we don't have anything to be sad about. But loss effects us all differently, and it's okay to recognise that and grieve appropriately.

Putting Doubt into Faith: An Introduction to Christian Existentialism

Nathan presents an introduction to Christian Existentialism, and the importance of doubt to our faith.

Process Theology 101

Ellen presents an introduction to process theology.

A Church's Place is in the Kitchen

Jessica explores the debate about where church should be based from in the age of coronavirus, and the potential reason for the backlash against "kitchen table broadcasts".