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International Women's Day: Alberta Williams King

With International Women's Day fast approaching, SCM's Debbie White introduces us to Alberta Williams King.

Searching for Truth in a sea of doubt

The truth is out there...right? Faith in Action intern Stephen shares about his journey of faith - how the questions have opened up opportunities to learn from others and keep searching for the truth.

Wrestling with Doubt: Why uncertainty can be valuable

Can having questions about God deepen the experience of our faith? For Fiona Haworth, struggling with questions and doubt is a valuable part of her faith – enriching the spaces that lead to a fuller understanding of the world and our identity as Christians.

Connecting the Spheres: Life as a Christian International Student

International students cross borders, cultures and boundaries to go to university. Taylor Driggers, an international student who graduated this year, reflects on his experience as a Christian studying abroad.

Rethinking Christianity: An Interview with Peter Rollins

Peter Rollins is a provocative writer, lecturer, storyteller, and public speaker who has gained an international reputation for overturning traditional notions of religion. His PhD from Queen’s University, Belfast is in post-structural thought. He will be giving the keynote address at a shared PCN and SCM conference running 14-16 November.

A Beginner's Guide to Campaigning - Top Tips

Coming to uni and want to get stuck straight into campaigning and volunteering? Christian Aid’s Chris Mead shares his top tips.

Life at uni as a Christian student

Students share their perspectives on what it’s like being a Christian student; from uncertain first weeks, to realising some hard truths and finding community again.

Misreading the parable of the talents

The traditional interpretation of the parable of the talents has been used to legitimise values that Jesus challenged, argues Symon Hill. A different interpretation turns the whole parable on its head. This post was originally published on Symon's blog (

8 Ways to Survive University as a Christian

As Christians, how do we navigate through life at uni whilst growing in our faith? Liam Williams, a third year drama student, gives his top tips on surviving and thriving at uni as a Catholic.

Meeting God in Silence and Community

Taylor Driggers, a student at the University of Edinburgh, reflects on the Taizé community and how the simple art of contemplation brings thousands of Christians closer to God.