SCM's blog

A Community Divided?

SCM member Nathan reflects on what it means to be community in the face of division within the United Methodist Church.

Carving Out Christian Community

Sometimes we are unable to be part of a physical Christian community. Shanika shares some ways in which she has overcome this obstacle, and carved out Christian community for herself in less traditional settings. 

Community In Action

Fliss reflects on her passion for community development and bringing people together in action. 

Celebrating Community in Lent

Kristy reflects on Lent, and the opportunity this time gives us to reflect on our faith, and relationships to God and each other. 

Methodist and Proud

James shares his story of learning to accept his sexuality as something that God is for and not something he should be ashamed of, so that he can live his life as his most authentic self.

CW: References to anti-gay rhetoric and beliefs. 

On A Journey

Miriam reflects on the pilgrimage of every day life, and how moving to the UK from Malaysia for her studies was a journey of deepening faith. 

Why My Path to Prayer Is More of a Long and Winding Road

Robin believes that a daily discipline of prayer is useful and commendable but often finds it hard to find the time and motivation (Relatable much?). In this blog he explores his journey with prayer and reflects on the fact that it is often more of a long and winding road. 

Lesbian Love as Vocation: My Journey as a Roman Catholic Lesbian

An SCM Member reflects on her vocation as a member of the LGBT+ community. 

I Cannot Do This Alone

Prayer and action are a powerful combo. Emma poses three reasons why she thinks it's important to pair our political activism with time spent in prayer. 

What Makes A Good Prayer? Part One

"When was the last time you were satisfied with your prayer life? I suspect that for most of us prayer is something we are never completely satisfied with - we feel like we should be doing more of it, doing it for longer, and doing it with more sincerity". Caitlin helps us to reflect on our prayer life and consider some helpful starter questions for those of us who find praying difficult!