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Pay No Attention to the Curtain Rent in Twain

Ellen reflects on the new trend of turning cathedrals into tourist attractions, and the Church of England's reluctance to call a spade a spade when it comes to evangelism. 

Receptive Ecumenism

Annika recounts her ecumenical experiences, and reflects on her work towards promoting receptive ecumenism in the Anglican and Methodist traditions. 

One Diamond, Many Facets: The Richness of Diversity

Being part of an ecumenical community is an invitation from God to see our differences as enriching, rather than as an obstacle. A journey to global love and peace-making, which is what we are called to do in our Christian life, starts with valuing the differences of those next to us. Father Tonino Bello highlighted this when he said,

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

Molly shares her love of ecumenism with us, exploring how it doesn't lessen her identity as a Baptist, but rather strengthens it.

What is Ecumenism? What isn’t it?

Let me first be clear by ruling out what ecumenism is not and should not be. Ecumenism is often wrongly caricatured as merely passively accepting everything other denominations say, think, do and believe without thought or question. However, to participate in the services or activities of another denomination and to converse and discuss with those from other Churches is not a one-dimensional, binary zero-sum game. To engage in ecumenism is not to compromise on your core principles, backslide, betray your values or become a relativist.

Discovering Ecumenical Services at University

Growing up in an Anglican tradition, I got to know the service styles of a few local churches over the years, gaining some sense of what a wonderfully eclectic concoction the Church of England is. However, aside from a couple of visits to Methodist or Catholic churches, I had little practical experience of services within other denominations nor of ecumenical worship.

It’s The Little Things

For all of my life so far, I have been a Methodist. I was baptised in a Methodist church and I was confirmed in a Methodist church. My mum is a Methodist minister. And yet I found myself, inexplicably, attending an Anglican church whilst at univeristy. 

Don’t worry. I’m still a Methodist! But the local Methodist church was few in attendance and those who did attend were of a certain age. What was I to do? Give in and start attending the local C of E church where my friends went? Well, yes, actually.

Coming Out of my Catholic Bubble (and I've been doing just fine)

Catholic convent culture to secular study settings; Shanika's journey towards understanding and practising ecumenism. 


Holy Activism, Batman! Top Tips for Taking Direct Action

Chris Howson shares some practical tips for getting involved in direct action campaigning for our Activism 101 series. 

Campaigning on Campus!

Patrick shares his top tips for effective campagining on campus.