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Holy Activism, Batman! Top Tips for Taking Direct Action

Chris Howson shares some practical tips for getting involved in direct action campaigning for our Activism 101 series. 

Campaigning on Campus!

Patrick shares his top tips for effective campagining on campus. 

Deconstructing My Faith? A Journey Through Tillich, Daly, Cone and Caputo

Nathan explores what he learned from an online course in Radical Theology, looking at theoligians Tillich, Daly, Cone and Caputo.

Not Just Ramps and Disabled Toilets: A Movement Towards the Jesus Model of Disability

Dave Lucas reflects on how Disability and Jesus came to be, and the move towards a third way of understanding the theology of disability.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Beth encourages us to keep fighting injustice, even when the road is long and the work exhausting. 

A Liturgical Perspective on Climate Change

Liz reflects on how the issue of climate change should be addressed theologically. 

Doing Enough? Activism and Protest as a Person of Colour

Feylyn reflects on being an activist and a person of colour. 

But What Can We Do? Ethical Fashion

This blog is written by Florence Allwood, and was originally published on her website as part of a new blog series, 'But What Can We Do?'. Florence says, "it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the problems facing today's planet and people. I've created this blog to offer real, practical solutions that we can all implement in our daily lives."


The Student Christian Movement has today launched Well Beings, a practical guide to good mental health for students. Produced in partnership with Space to Breathe, the resource is a response to a recent survey of students that showed over 90% of students have had mental health problems or are supporting someone who has poor mental health.

The resource covers themes such as where to find help, how to face anxiety and how to build resilience. Each topic is presented along with simple, practical activities to help students develop good mental health.

Top Tips for First Time Protesters

Going to a protest for the first time? Here are some tips to get you off to a good start!