Faith in Action

An active faith is at the heart of all that SCM does and stands for. Here you can find everything we're doing through our Faith in Action project, which aims to support students to live out their faith through political action, exploring their vocation, and learning. If you have any questions or want to find out more about the project, you can email Emma, our Faith in Aciton project worker, by clicking here.

About the Project
What is the Faith in Action project, and how can I get involved?
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Our Campaigns
Find out more about how SCM is taking action for justice.
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Check out our Faith in Action bible studies, reflections, stories, devotionals, and more!
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SCM Book Club
Join the SCM Book Club and discover new ideas with other SCM members.
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Exploring Vocation
Where is God calling you to live out your faith?
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If your SCM community would like to explore Faith in Action together, book a workshop.
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