Become an SCM Friend

What is an SCM Friend?

A Friend is somebody who believes in our Core Aims and Vision and wants to support us by making a regular donation, as well as offering their time and expertise.

Why should I become an SCM Friend?

Through your regular support, you will be equipping SCM's work with students and recent graduates to come together in open and inclusive communities, exploring what it is to live as a Christian in today's uncertain world, to put their faith into action through campaigning for social justice. SCM offers high-quality training in leadership skills, vocation and student ministry, equipping Christian leaders of the future.

How do I become a Friend?

To become a friend, simply hit the Become a Friend button below. We use Direct Debits to make it easy to donate.

We also ask that our Friends pray for us regularly and spread the word about SCM's work through any networks you have!

Please click below to hear of some more stories of our SCM Friends and why they choose to give to the Movement.

Become a Friend of SCM

Rachel Blackamore, alumna of SCM York 
Robert Smith, alumni of SCM Glasgow 
Rosie Venner, alumna of SCM at the University of Birmingham