Thr Midlands Hub

About the Hub

The North West Hub was launched in Birmingham in 2019, and aims to resource student outreach work within universities and churches in the region. From the South of Wales to Peterborough, Nottingham to Wostershire and everywhere in between, the hub works with students, chaplains and church workers to create vibrant and inclusive communities where students can explore their faith. 


Meet Rob!  

Rob Chivers is SCM's Regional Development Worker for the region, and he is based in Birmingham, opperating out of SCM's headoffice. He works with students to support them to form and run SCM communities, and is also on hand to support chaplaincies and churches with their student outreach by providing training and resources. Rob is always happy to meet up to discuss how SCM can support you - simply get in touch by email to arrange a chat.


Support the Hub

The Midlands Hub is part of a growing regional structure that will bring our vision of an inclusive and enriching Christian faith to more university students across Britain. Through the hub more students have encountered Christian communities that celebrate diversity, seek justice and deepen faith. The work of the hub would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters. Will you join with us to reach out to even more students?

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Hub Partners

We would like to thank the following partners for their support in making the work of the hub possible:

  • The Methodist Church