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Gift memberships are a great way for churches to support their current students and young people heading off to university, by helping them to connect to the national movement and to meet other progressive young Christians.

Starting university can be both an exciting and daunting time. For students of faith there will be an added element of wanting to find a community of like-minded individuals with whom to learn and grow. As a radically inclusive, progressive, student-led movement, SCM has been a quiet but powerful presence in university life, and indeed in the wider Christian world, since 1889. 

Our vision is of SCM as a generous community, expressing a lived faith in Jesus Christ where social action meets prayerful devotion. We seek to be both a radical voice for equality and justice, and a safe home for progressive Christian students. You can help a student that you know to get involved with SCM by gifting them a three-year membership to SCM.

Gift Membership is the perfect gift to give to a student you love, to provide them with a lifelong community, to help them think critically about and act on issues of social justice and to celebrate the diversity that exists within Christianity and the world.

Gift Memberships can be purchased on behalf of anyone who is a student at a UK-based Higher Education institution, or has graduated in the last three years from a UK-based Higher Education institution.

Click here to buy a Gift Membership


Click the link above to buy a three-year membership to SCM for your student for just £25. Everyone who buys a Gift Membership will receive a Membership pack in which they'll find:

  • A code to redeem the three-year membership to SCM
  • A booklet about SCM that details our values, introduces our trustees and staff, and shows how to get involved with the movement
  • Lots of wonderful SCM goodies including a copy of Movement magazine, an SCM lanyard, badges, postcards, coasters, tea bags, a wooden holding cross and more!

You can choose to have the Gift Membership pack delivered to your house or sent straight to the giftee.

There is no obligation for the student to redeem the membership, but we hope that after seeing what SCM is about they’ll be keen to get involved! Once they’re a member they’ll have access to:

  • Free copies of Movement magazine (published twice a year), and twice-yearly care packages delivered straight to your door
  • Access to local, regional, and national SCM events with great speakers, challenging workshops, and fellowship with other students
  • Membership of your local SCM group (if applicable), and connections with local link churches
  • Voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • The chance to stand for General Council and become a trustee of the charity
  • Opportunities to attend festivals and events to represent SCM
  • SCM's e-newsletter 'In the Loop', with details of upcoming events and opportunities for members in your inbox every month
  • Membership of the LGBTQIA+ Facebook group, upon request.

If you are gifting an SCM Membership for a student heading off to university of the first time, you can also support them in other ways, for example by gifting them a prayer blanket or by keeping in regular contact. Click here to read our blog about how you can bless new students

Click here to buy a Gift Membership