Marking Milestones

This is a difficult time for final year students who are missing out on key milestones and a proper end to their university experience. Many of you won't be going to a graduation ball or attending a graduation ceremony this year, not to mention the pain of having to leave your university city, friends and life behind without the chance to say goodbye. Whilst these may not be the worst losses in the grand scheme of things, we think it's important to be able to celebrate these occassions that would otherwise be forgotten about. To that end, please join us in Marking Milestones; a series of online events designed to commemorate your time at university and lend it some sense of finality.

SCM Grad Ball

You are invited to the SCM Grad Ball! Taking place on the 9th June from 7pm, we're inviting you to get fancy for the evening - dress in your nicest garb, make yourself a tasty drink and strut around your house to our very own SCM Grad Ball playlist curated by SCM members. Anyone is welcome to join in this online celebration - students at any stage of your degree, chaplains, church leaders, lecturers - all you have to do is post a selfie of you in your finery using the hashtag #SCMGradBall and celebrate from afar as we raise a toast to final year students!

Humans of the Movement - University Leavers Edition

You may have seen that in February we launched Humans of the Movement, our Humans of New York-style series to introduce you to the students, staff, friends and links who make up SCM. Throughout June we'll be doing a special University Leavers edition where final year students will reflect on their time at university and what makes the place where they were studying so special. Catch the posts over on our Instagram and Facebook pages or search for #HumansOfTheMovement.

SCM Graduation Week Taskmaster

Join us from the 20th - 24th July for a very special SCM Graduation Week Taskmaster event! Each day you'll have a different graduation inspired task to accomplish and share on social media using the hashtag #SCMGraduation, and we'll announce the winners of the tasks at the end of the week. We'll also be praying for our final year students in SCM SOC that week, so do join us on Wednesday 22nd at 8pm. Stay tuned for more info!

Looking at Grief

Finally, we'll be exploring the topic of grief on the blog and social media, as we know that this is a really hard time of loss for us all. Look out for encouraging posts, stories of people dealing with grief, and some reassurance that you're not alone in this.

We hope there's something for everyone in our Marking Milestones series. Please do join us on this journey as we help our final year students both grieve and celebrate this chapter of their lives.