Sharing the Burden

I went to the Project Bonhoeffer conference in Leeds as part of SCM's Interrupted by God event. One of the really great things about the conference was the huge mix of ages and experience, from the group of SCM students from around the country, to other visitors, some from Leeds, and some from further afield. Meeting older people with such a passion for putting faith into action, some of whom had been part of SCM Groups when they were students, was a great experience.

When you’re a student surrounded by mainly young adults it can be really easy to feel like we’re the only ones who care about issues of social justice and environmental protection. However, it’s really good to be reminded that there are lots of other people who care, many of whom are older and can support us and give us advice for how we can tackle these problems together.

Being an environmental or human rights activist often feels like a constant fight; against large organisations, our own government and those of other countries, and loads of misinformation. Knowing that we have help to carry that burden is really encouraging.

If you're keen to learn more about putting your faith into action, and to meet SCM Friends who have continued their passion for social justice, join us in Cardiff for our national gathering 2019 'Wondering and Wandering'. There will be speakers (including Amanda Mukwashi, CEO of Christian Aid) workshops on lobbying, and the chance to meet other SCM Members from around the country, as well as a Friends gathering alongside the event. And if you book before January, you'll be entered into a very exciting prize draw! For more information click here.

Written by Bethany Leake, an SCM Member in Leeds.