Our Campaigns

As a movement we believe taking action to promote justice is something that we as Christians are called to do. We're partnering with other organisations to encourage students to take action on causes that matter to you.

We focus on two specific campaign areas at a time. Our current campaigns are:

The Daily Bread campaign is all about seeking justice through the food we eat every day. The campaign was voted on at our 2020 AGM and will run through the adcademic years 2020-2022, with a different focus each semester.

These focuses are:

  • Food Poverty: In the UK, one of the richest nations in the world, thousands still go hungry every day. We explore the causes and solutions to this national problem
  • Food Sustainability: The way food is grown and produced is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis. How can we eat more sustainably?
  • Food Waste: 250,000 tonnes of edible food gets thrown away every year. Can we save good food from going to waste?
  • Global Impact: How do our food systems affect those around the world who grow and farm our food? We'll be looking at FairTrade and other initiatives who support them

Join us to explore how we can create a better world through our daily bread.

'Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you' (John 14:27) Peace is a central theme of our faith, from Shalom in the Hebrew scriptures to Jesus' instruction to put down the sword. And yet, around the world, conflict, division, and war lead to immense suffering, injustice, and environmental destruction. So we're looking at what peace means to us, how we can live it out through our faith, and how we can promote it in our communities.

We're teaming up with the Fellowship of Reconcilliation to explore these things through workshops which we can run with your group. Email emma@movement.org.uk to find out more.

We also campaign against the arms trade every two years at the DSEI Arms Fair in London. We've had a presence at protests there for the past 5 years, and we're hoping to be there again in 2021 - will you join us?