Preparation in Exile

**Two new dates for the diary - 17th & 24th June**


Youth Work

As part of SCM's response to the current Global Pandemic, we've been bringing together Youth Work professionals across the country for a general dialogue and sharing of good practice on how we support young people in this time. We have led two meetings so far, and these have been particularly fruitful. We'll be carrying on the conversation on 24th June at 2pm.
Here are some of the most important bits of information and the kinds of questions we've been considering:
Have you thought about what university might look like for your young people in September?
What if universities don't return until January 2021?
What if universities return, but the first term is solely online?
If you're someone who works with 16-18 year olds come and join us to continue the conversation on 24th June. Email Rach for the Zoom details. 

For info: Results day for A-levels hasn't changed and is still happening in England on the 13th August and the 4th August in Scotland.




Higher Education Chaplaincy

SCM understands that this is a strange time for all HE professionals. Some are non-stop Zooming, while others are struggling to know where to start now that the everyday encounters have changed. We want to provide an opportunity to share best practice, to discuss what the new term may look like, and to explore how SCM can look after you while you continue to look after your students, staff and colleagues of your universities.

Thank you to all those who joined us at our last Preparation in Exile meeting for HE Chaplains! If you are a university chaplain and interested in joining us at our next meeting it will be taking place on 17th June at 2pm. Email Rach for the Zoom details and to let us know you plan to attend.

You can download notes from the first meeting PDF iconhere.