Faith In Action Workshops (16-18s)

This pack has been designed in conjunction with the Student Christian Movements commitment to seeking justice and discipleship through the Faith in Action Project. The aim of this pack is to journey with young people to an end point of organising their own campaign. On the way, they will learn about what makes a good campaign and will look at justice through the lens of scripture and the examples of Jesus.

This is a 4 week programme and every workshop is ready-to-run. All sessions include practical tips and advice as well as reflections and case studies.  These workshops are designed to be run as sequential sessions that take around 45 mins to an hour, but they can be run as a day retreat.

For more information about how SCM can support you in your work with young people or students, visit or get in touch with Rob, the SCM Connect Project Worker, by emailing  To learn more about our Faith in Action work contact Emma by emailing

We hope you find this pack useful and good luck with your campaigns!


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