Going To Uni Workshops: Finding Your Tribe (Community Faith)



Aim: To help the young people see the importance of community in maintaining their faith at university.


· By encouraging the young people to think about what they value about community and church.

· By exploring the different communities and churches students might find at university.

· By providing time for students to research what communities there are in their university town or city.


SETTING THE SCENE: What is church? (10 MINS)

Give each young person 5 matches and some blutack. Ask them to create what comes to mind when they think of church. They can do this on their own or work with others. You are likely to get a mixture of people, buildings and symbols.

Bring the group together and discuss what they have created. You could also ask them what church isn’t, but be aware that this conversation could quickly go off topic.

· Matches and blutack.

· Paper with each of the 10 Holy Habits written on.

· Paper and pens for the young people to take notes and write the journal entry - you could allow them to use their ‘phones for this, but this is at your discretion!

· A device connected to the internet, such as a laptop, tablet or ‘phone.


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Workshop Outline
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Church Resources
Doubt and Worry
Christian Faith
Chaplaincy Resources
Encountering God