The Going To Uni Workshops: Is Uni for me?

What you need

· Flip chart paper and pens, or equivalent.

· Paper and pens for the young people to take notes - you could allow them to use their ‘phones for this, but this is at your discretion!

· A very large jar or vase, 5/6 ping-pong balls or large marbles, 10 or so small stones or marbles, and enough sand to half fill your jar, or a way to show a YouTube video.



· To increase awareness of the options available to young people after Further Education.

· To increase confidence of young people to make decisions about life after Further Education.


· By encouraging self-reflection about what motivates the young people.

· By encouraging young people to discuss the options available to them after Further Education, and reassuring them that they are capable of deciding where to go next.


SETTING THE SCENE: What is important in life? (20 mins)

Start by initiating a discussion about the young people’s priorities in life, noting down any key points on the flip chart paper. You could ask them some of the following questions to get them talking:

· What is the most important thing in your life right now?

· What relationships are most important to you?

· What do you want to be known for?

· How would you rate things like wealth, fame, making a difference, your faith?

· What values are important to you?

Reassure the young people that there is no ’right’ answer, and that the things we place importance on will be different from person to person. Introduce the idea that these priorities will probably change as they grow older, and reassure them that this is OK.

Round off the discussion by asking the group to think about any potential link between the things they think are important and what they may feel they are called to do. Do any of them have a sense of vocation or calling to a particular career? Do they have any skills they’d like to develop or interests they'd like to explore? Get the young people to write a ‘personal mission statement’ using the following template. These can be long term or short term; acknowledge that not everyone is in a place where they have their life planned out and that’s OK!


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