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Stoneygate Baptist Church

A lot has changed in the past few years, but some things have remained the same, and Stoneygate Baptist Church continues to be a community that makes time each week for worship and fellowship, with services now both onsite and online. Our church building is a well-known landmark on London Road, about two miles from Leicester city centre. Some of those who join us live very locally, while others live further away.


We are a friendly and welcoming church, with a broad and inclusive ethos, welcoming everyone regardless of background, beliefs, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, health or ability. 


Sunday services are at 10:30am in the building and shared online, and are led by our minister and members of the congregation. They include hymns and prayers, as well as a reading and a thought-provoking sermon. Communion is celebrated on the the first Sunday of the month. We also hold monthly church meetings, usually after the service on the third Sunday of the month, when we talk about and make plans for the life of the church.


We are a Fairtrade and Inclusive Church, and are seeking to become more eco-conscious. We choose a local charity to fundraise for every year, and support campaigns including Amnesty International's Wright for Rights. 


We hope to offer a warm welcome not only to the church but also to the city and to university life. You would be most welcome to join us any Sunday, but if you would like to know more about us first, you can explore our website or email our minister Leigh Greenwood at