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Oasis Church Waterloo

Oasis Church Waterloo is a community of ordinary people exploring life together, where everyone is welcome. Our mission is simply this: to be an example of what an inclusive community, living Christ's way, looks like and acts like. 

We're a fully-inclusive church (whatever your background, ethnicity, sexuality, you’re welcome to play a full part with us), and we're seeking to live out Jesus's radical, restorative, redemptive love for everyone.

We meet twice on Sundays: at 11am in the Oasis auditorium for a relaxed, informal service, and again at 6.30pm in our coffee shop for a smaller, discussion-based service.

However, there’s much more to our church than just the Sunday services. Through the week we’re engaged in a range of activities, from Foodbank to debt advice, small groups to community choirs, youth work to running a community farm and much more - all of which is an outworking of our desire to become the best example of ourselves and live like Jesus in our local community. There are loads of opportunities for you to get involved in all of this.