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ICMD (Inclusive Christian Movement Durham)

Hello, and welcome to ICMD!

We are Inclusive Christian Movement Durham, a Christian Society in Durham which is open to anyone of any background or denomination. We meet every Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm at Elvet Methodist Church or at St Oswald's Church and we have food together. You can expect discussion about how faith implicates us in the 21st Century-from issues on sexuality and gender to politics, poverty and the environment, led by members of the society or a variety of speakers. You might have known us by our old name, JAM!

We are a Christian Society which strongly supports LGBT+ and also advocates disability, race, and gender rights. We are open to those of every faith and none, and discussion is open and balanced. We promote a Safe Space in which people's views can be voiced without fear of judgment, which we believe helps us all to grow together.

We helped to found the Durham Interfaith Student Network and continue to work on events with the other faith societies across Durham. We look forward to meeting you!