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St Mary Magdalen, Chapelfields

We are an Anglican congregation in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England with a heart for social justice. The worshipping community at St Mary Magdalen Church affirms in the strongest possible way that ALL people we encounter in our building and community are loved and created in the image of God - regardless of relationship status, sexuality, mental health, physical disability, class, race, your previous or current situation. Our ability to be Christ's body in and for the world is impoverished if we cannot be it together. All are welcome here. This goes beyond welcome, to not only tolerate but to include at such a level as to allow your unique contribution to change and renew our community. We will continue to do everything we can to welcome, include and affirm both you and your relationships within our extended family here at St Mary Magdalen Church. Drop us an email to say hi or visit us at the start of term and you'll recieve a warm welcome. You can also join our Facebook Group.