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The Brighton Oratory

We're a dynamic, radically counter-cultural Christian community, daring to be different right in the heart of the city! Engaged in ministries to the homeless and disenfranchised with plenty of opportunities for volunteering! We believe, teach and study the Revelation of God in Christ as recorded in the Bible and in the Tradition of the universal Church. We are both Western Orthodox and Old Roman Catholic, enjoying the rich spiritual and devotional culture and traditions of East and West Christendom.We meet and worship in a chapel in The Brighton Congress Hall (Salvation Army) near The Level. Take any bus going to/from town centre and get off at The Open Market just opposite Union Rd and Park Crescent Terrace (see map). We're perfectly situated for Hanover, Lewes Rd and Elm Grove areas. Our style of worship is ancient and apostolic, reflective and meditative and in continuity with the traditions received from the time of the Apostles. We offer daily Mass and regular Holy Hour, Bible study, social events and community involvement. We are an inclusive community welcoming people from all strands of life - irrespective of literally anything - who desire to follow The Way of Jesus Christ. We run a homeless drop-in every Wednesday The Hub and a not-for-profit catering franchise Cherubs Kitchen providing NVQ apprenticeships and work experience for the disadvantaged.Regular worship, daily Mass and regular fellowship meals - breakfast every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday after Mass - and regular study, Scriptural, apologetics and catechetical groups.