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All Hallows Church, Leeds

All Hallows is an inclusive Christian community in inner-city Leeds exploring the meaning of faith in the 21st Century. Whoever you are, you will be welcome here.We are trying to respond to the challenge of Jesus of Nazareth to love God, ourselves and others, exploring the meaning of God's love for all people - women, men, black, white, gay, straight, older, younger, of faith or no faith - and looking to meet the needs of people who feel damaged or marginalised. With others in the area, we work for justice, reconciliation and to inspire hope. Desmond Tutu's phrase the rainbow people of God' underlies our use of the rainbow symbol - coming from a variety of backgrounds, ages and lifestyles, we celebrate and affirm our God-given diversity. Students are very welcome to join us. Please see our website or facebook page for details of our servicesand activities.