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Hinde Street Methodist Church

Hinde Street is part of the world-wide community of people who follow Jesus Christ.We are a diverse group of people gathered from all over London, a warm, caring and nurturing community, we rejoice in our different backgrounds and views, and welcome all. We are an inclusive church, our theology is open and thoughtful.We are a centre of Methodist worship and spirituality, faithful to our tradition of preaching, music, song and liturgy, whilst staying open to God and working in partnership with other people of faith.We care for those on the margins of society through prayer and action, through the church's voluntary activities, through the professional social work of the West London Mission, and in our daily lives.In all these things we fail as often as we succeed, but we continue to trust in God's unconditional love, and in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.We welcome students and we'd love to meet you. Whot 'like' our Facebook Page to keep up to date with our activities?