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Radford Methodist Church

Radford Methodist Church Nottingham, is a small church and does have the family feel. Although we are a small church, we are blessed with beautiful people from all walks of life, ranging from English, Welsh and African and other multicultural backgrounds.Our normal Sunday church services, starts from 10:45 am to 11:45 am. A one hour service with an African twist which consist of drumming, singing and dancing freely to praise God in joyous movement. Radford Methodist Church Nottingham definitely stands out with the African twist of worshiping the Lord. As a warm and welcoming church, we enjoy socialising after worship with s tea and coffee accompanied with fresh warm toast or biscuits - all free of charge. We also very much do enjoy our monthly bring and share event. This is the act of extra socialisation time with the church as a whole and people bring food from different cultural backgrounds to share with everyone.Our small church has over the years welcomed international students from around the world including Africa and Asia. We are always pleased to have students who like to visit our church on special occasion or on regular basis and we love to see them integrate in the church and Nottingham community as a whole. Although we may look small in numbers, we are big in spirit as we do keep in touch with the students who have now left the country and they are always welcome.We will always welcome you to our church wether you are looking for a place to worship or if you are just visiting Nottingham and want to say hello on a Sunday, look no further. Our promise to you is to make you feel at home at Radford Methodist Church Nottingham.