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Stockton Unitarian Church

We encourage liberal religious people to come together without the constrants of creeds and dogmas, to share their experiences and to express their faith (or non) in their chosen way. This church exists to promote a free and inquiring religion through worship and celebration. There has been a non-conformist religious witness in Stockton-on-Tees since 1688. The first congregation worshipped in a room in Bolton House Yard, off Thistle Green. Later, a chapel was built in the High Street, then in 1873 the congregation built a church in Wellington. This building was demolished in 2006 and the present building on the same site was opened in 2007. We affirm the unity of the human family, regardless of race, colour, creed, class or gender. We believe that peace, compassion and justice should be the hallmarks of a spiritual society, pursued in the spirit of freedom, reason and tolerance. We respect and cherish the living earth and the universe of which we are a part. We uphold the right of civil and religious liberty worldwide. We meet for worship on a Sunday at 6.00pm, followed byrefreshments and conversation. We have a Knit 'n' Natter group which meets fortnightly on a Tuesday from 11.00am to 1.00pm. Amnesty Teesside, a Children's Group and the Bipolar Support Group meet in our premises monthly, At Christmas we have a Tree Dressing and Gift service & a Sing the Season service both at 3.00pm. You will find a warm welcome and friendly faces at all of our events, please come and try us!!