Join the 200 Churches Campaign

The Student Christian Movement needs help from progressive, theologically open churches like yours to secure our future. Join our 200 Churches Campaign!

Our vision is of SCM as a generous community, expressing a lived faith in Jesus Christ where social action meets prayerful devotion. We seek to be both a radical voice for equality and justice, and a safe home for progressive Christian students. You can help us to make this vision come to life by joining our 200 Churches Campaign.


What is the 200 Churches Campaign?

We are currently recruiting 200 churches to commit to donating to SCM on an annual basis. Churches in the campaign commit to donating typically £200 every year, often raised in a collection during a service or given from a church’s mission allocation. Churches in the campaign also support SCM by praying for our work, offering their time and expertise and spreading the word about our work. We send our supporting churches regular updates about our work, a bi-annual copy of Movement magazine and invitations to special gatherings throughout the year. 

PDF icon Download our 200 Churches Campaign flyer here.


Why should we join the 200 Churches Campaign?

SCM relies on the support of regular and one-off donations to continue its vital work of empowering students to explore and live out the Christian faith, so please consider whether you can support us by committing to donate £200 every year. 

The hard truth is that conservative youth organisations are well supported by like-minded churches. In more open and progressive churches, we have much less of a tradition of that kind of support and SCM is going to struggle to keep going if that doesn’t change. 

Through your regular support, you will equip students and recent graduates to find open and inclusive communities where they can be and belong, explore what it is to live as a Christian in today's uncertain world, and put their faith into action. 


How do we join the 200 Churches Campaign?

If you are a church leader and need some more information or are ready to sign up to the campaign, please email to arrange a phone call. If you are a member of a church congregation and would like your church to sign up to the campaign, you can contact your church directly by sending them an email or letter using our template.

Download our 200 Churches Campaign Letter Template here.


If you have any questions about, or ideas for fundraising at SCM, please email