Leaving a Legacy to SCM

Leave a legacy of action!

A legacy is a gift of personal property specified in your will to people and causes that are important to you. It is something that you will be remembered for when you are no longer with us.

Recently, a legacy has enabled us to launch the SCM Connect project, which aims to prepare young people for the transition to university life and puts them in contact with SCM groups and Link Churches in their university town or city. Past legacies have contributed to expanding the website and creating a digital space for students to find out about SCM, and towards high-quality training events preparing attendees to become the leaders of tomorrow.

By leaving a legacy to SCM, you will be giving future generations of students the opportunity to be part of an inclusive Christian community that will enable them to explore and deepen their faith and work towards a socially just world. Whatever amount is left to SCM, you can be assured it will be converted into action!

If this is something you would like to think about, please download our Leaving a Legacy leaflet or contact our Fundraising team.

We have also produced a Frequently Asked Questions Guide for you to read at your leisure.

If you do decide to include SCM in your will, please do let us know! This will enable us to thank you properly and keep you up-to-date about all of the exciting work that SCM is doing with students across the country.

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