Holy Activism, Batman! Top Tips for Taking Direct Action

10 Jul 2019

I’ve been fortunate to have been involved with many forms of direct action over the years, some with people of faith, but more often with people who simply share a conviction that ‘another world’ is only possible if we use every tool...

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Not Just Ramps and Disabled Toilets: A Movement Towards the Jesus Model of Disability

3 Jul 2019

One winter’s evening almost six years ago now I found myself involved in a conversation via Facebook with a bunch of people that I did not know. It began with a thread bemoaning the lack of good Christian literature on the subject of faith and disability. This conversation carried on for several...

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A Liturgical Perspective on Climate Change

26 Jun 2019

With the news we’re hearing about climate change at the moment, it’s quite easy to feel hopeless about the situation, and not without good reason: unless sharp reductions in emissions are made within the next few decades, we face the very real possibility that the consequences of climate change...

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Doing Enough? Activism and Protest as a Person of Colour

25 Jun 2019

I remember feeling two emotions when I attended a University of Birmingham student-led Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest a few years ago: pride and guilt. I felt proud standing in solidarity with my British peers, knowing the fight against white supremacy was a worthy cause whether in the United...

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The Importance of Reflective Activism

25 Jun 2019

When faced with political tension, injustice on a huge scale, climate breakdown and the myriad other problems facing our society today, it is tempting to dive in and try and solve these issues straight away. Reflection can feel like a waste of time, and theology can feel irrelevant in the face...

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Top Tips for First Time Protesters

11 Jun 2019

So you want to join a protest – that’s amazing! Maybe a friend has invited you along, maybe you've seen a poster or an announcement on social media. Either way, here are six top tips to help you get ready.

1. Get informed!

Before setting of for a protest it is important to make...

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Erica Garner: A Life Lost Too Soon

5 Jan 2018

Most of you won’t know Erica Garner, but perhaps you should. She was a shining example of someone who was committed to justice, truth and love in the face of overwhelming oppression. She passed away last Saturday from a heart attack and a subsequent coma at the age of 27 and the world is poorer...

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Daniel Berrigan, 1921-2016

3 May 2016

The passing of Daniel Berrigan (1921-2016), Jesuit priest, poet and peace activist, will be mourned by many around the world. His life of faithful witness to the gospel message of peace continues to inspire and challenge. Through his writings and actions, Berrigan wrestled with how to follow...

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Putting Faith into Action

17 Aug 2015

Some people may well think that being a Christian just means professing a faith in Jesus, but Jesus clearly said 'Follow me'. Sometimes, that means literally dropping everything like those first disciples, and doing what we feel called by God to do. It can feel risky, but often exciting, and God...

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'Class A' Cool

8 Jan 2015
East London is like Schrödinger’s marmite. I love it and hate it at the same time.
East London is thriving with activity. It offers an incredible wealth of art, food, and fun. It has grown into Britain’s foremost culture scene, attracting the young and ambitious from...
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