Deepening Faith

From Sty To Stomach

2 Dec 2014
Stop the press! A scandal is emerging in the nation’s supermarkets! Undercover reporters have discovered a shocking truth behind the nation’s food industry. Meat bought and sold in markets up and down the country used to be alive. Ground-breaking investigation has revealed...
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Deserving Luck

27 Nov 2014

I find the balance between people saying 'you deserved that' and 'you're so lucky' a difficult one. Recognising that someone has worked hard for their achievements combined with acknowledging that actually they were in a position to be able to achieve in the first place, can be hard to justify....

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Faith and doubt: The whole truth and nothing but the truth?

27 Oct 2014

If you made a list of Christian clichés, near the top of it would be something akin to the following: ‘Being a Christian is not easy, there are some tough times.’ In corporate speak, it’s called managing expectations. We do it all the time, and as Christians we may similarly try to change...

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Searching for Truth in a sea of doubt

7 Oct 2014

Q: Have you ever experienced doubt in your faith?

There was probably a time when I was younger, when I was certain of what I thought and confident I was right. I guess I thought that was faith. Going to university changed things. University is a place that fosters this...

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Wrestling with Doubt: Why uncertainty can be valuable

29 Sep 2014

It makes headlines when faith leaders acknowledge the possibility of doubt. Recently the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby,...

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Rethinking Christianity: An Interview with Peter Rollins

5 Sep 2014

Is there anything specific to the university experience that young Christians should take advantage of to deepen, stretch, or question their faith?

For me, that is the university experience at its best. It’s the place where ideological, political, cultural – any...

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