Palestine Resource Pack

27 Oct 2023

To help equip our members to be well informed on the current situation in Palestine and Israel our Faith in Action project workers William and Phoebe have produced a resource pack. This includes recommended books, podcasts, videos and more. It also includes resources on tackling hate crime,...

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The Strength to Remain (A Blog for Black History Month)

25 Oct 2017

Another black history month almost ends and it is still a good thing to honour and discover black historical figures that have been whitewashed from history pages. Though erased, they contributed to earth’s development. Although an excellent endeavour, black people have bigger fish to fry....

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Combatting Militarism In Universities and Wider Society

9 Oct 2017

Recruiting young hearts and minds

Today I identify as a pacifist, but that was not always the case. In fact, only a few years ago that couldn't have been further from the case. I grew up in a military family, and my Grandad received an award for bravery which led him to...

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Too Much, Too Young? A Christian Response to the UK’s Recruitment of Child Soldiers

9 Oct 2017

Child Soldiers in the UK?

Recently an article by the moral and political philosopher...

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World War 2: The Child-Friendly Face of Chaos?

5 Oct 2017

I find many alarming signs of increased militarisation in our culture. There has been discussion elsewhere about military recruitment at secondary schools, but I am also bothered about how our “Help for Heroes” and “Armed Forces Day”( introduced as “Veterans Day” in 2006) have been used as a...

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How my Faith Changed at University: Learning and Growing

4 May 2017

Before I came to the University of Exeter, I was terrified of being a Christian at university. I had heard horror stories about university being a festering pool of Godlessness! Within weeks of my first term, I found that to be woefully inaccurate: I suffered no persecution for my faith even...

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