Moving Away From Fire and Brimstone

18 Sep 2019

When I was a teenager, I remember walking through Birmingham city centre and passing two groups of religious evangelists. One group were shouting at passersby, talking about hellfire and brimstone. The other group were engaging people who approached them in conversation. 

Guess which ones...

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The What? and How? of Evangelism

27 Aug 2019

“Are you saved?” the street preacher asked, looking suspiciously at my glittery nails. After I said yes, we both looked at each other in awkward silence: he couldn’t believe the glitter-man was a Christian, and I couldn’t believe people still do the whole turn-or-burn on the streets. Whilst the...

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Pay No Attention to the Curtain Rent in Twain

21 Aug 2019

Earlier this month, Norwich Cathedral installed a helter-skelter in its nave as part of its Seeing it Differently Campaign. Reverend Canon Andy Bryant, the cathedral’s Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care, said the fairground ride was intended to give visitors a better view of the ornate ceiling...

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