Faith in Action

Renewed and Rebellious: What I Learned from JPIT’s 2020 Conference

26 Mar 2020

On Saturday 7th March, I went to JPIT’s national conference in Derby. The conference’s title, “Renewal and Rebellion: Faith, Economy and Climate” could not have been more relevant to the issues we are currently facing as a community, country and world. So, I expected good things. It’s fair to...

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Stellenbosch: How Learning More About Bonhoeffer Changed My Life

3 Feb 2020

Hello fellow SCM’ers!

My name is George, I’m a Theology Youth & Community student at Nazarene Theological College in Didsbury, Manchester. Over the summer I won a bursary from Project Bonhoeffer to attend the Bonhoeffer conference 2020 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

It was an...

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Low Carbon Christmas

6 Dec 2019

The climate crisis feels to be constantly in the headlines and in many of our minds at the moment, as we struggle to find signs of hope in what looks to be a very frightening future. Leeds Methodist Mission and Leeds Church Institute wanted to create some space for people to learn, share and...

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Bursaries announced for the Bonhoeffer Congress 2020!

16 May 2019

Project Bonhoeffer, our Faith in Acton Project partners, have announced that they will be providing bursaries for two students to attend the Bonhoeffer Congress 2020, organised by the International Bonhoeffer Society. ...

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How Christian Witness Changed a Poppy Policy

5 Sep 2018

As an international student in the UK I tried to blend in as much as I could. Part of this meant popping my coin in the tin around the beginning of November and wearing my Red Poppy as everybody else does. The Red Poppy cause is about helping veterans and I know how difficult life can be for...

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Prayers Are Not Enough

16 Feb 2018

I suppose we all have some feelings about the recent mass shooting in Florida, from anger and sadness to frustration and disbelief.  There has been much discussion about the incident on social media, and what I have found so...

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Zimbabwe: Coup/Not a Coup

11 Dec 2017

I remember when I first arrived in the United Kingdom, even though I was excited about the new chapter in my life, my heart was burdened. I had left my home in an increasingly volatile situation and everything that means anything to me is there. There was increasing poverty, an explosive...

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Sexual Predators, #metoo and #churchtoo

22 Nov 2017

Starting on Tuesday this week, there has been a new hashtag trending on Twitter. Following on from the viral #metoo hashtag on social media about the prevalence of sexual assault and abuse, #churchtoo has now appeared in the world of the internet to call out...

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Durham SCM Groups: Building Inclusive Faith Communities in the North East

22 Nov 2017

Durham SCM Societies

It certainly feels more than four-and-a-half months ago that I was approached by our society’s current president, Catherine Wickens, with the idea of joining our two SCM groups – Durham MethSoc and St Oswald’s Student Group – and forming a new student...

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Snowflakes and White Poppies

10 Nov 2017

In the Yorkshire Post this week, Anglican priest G.P. Taylor launched an attack on what he called the “snowflake generation”, for wearing white poppies.

In recent weeks, I’ve spent lots of time reading hostile, and often abusive, messages. Some...

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