Faith in Action

SCM to be Associate Partner of Centre for Theology and Justice

15 May 2017

SCM is teaming up with the Centre for Theology and Justice, a new collaborative initiative based in Manchester that will resource justice work and theological connections between organisations across Britain.

The project has four main partners – Luther King House, Christian Aid, Church...

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How My Faith Changed at University: Finding a Community of Faith and Action

4 May 2017

Before I started University I didn’t have any Christian friends. I was the youngest in my church by about 20 years- the youth groups had died out long before I got there. Although I never doubted my faith, by the time I finished school I was finding more use from my daily Bible readings than...

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#EndHungerUK Update: Expanding the Food Exchange Project at Birmingham University

21 Mar 2017

As a follow up to the productive meeting with Gisela Stuart MP in January, students from Cathsoc, Angsoc and Methsoc at the University of Birmingham met with Ben Bailey,...

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Faith, Politics and Hope: What I Learned From The Launch of JPIT Yorkshire

13 Mar 2017

As a Politics student who has lived all my life so far in the North of England, regional and local politics are important to me. My interest in politics is closely linked to my faith – I strongly feel that it is God’s work to tackle issues of inequality, poverty, disenfranchisement, and...

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SCM Holds Big Conversation in Liverpool to Tackle Hunger

28 Feb 2017

St Bride's Church, Liverpool hosted a Big Conversation event on Monday 27 February as part of the End Hunger UK campaign. The event began with a video clip which highlighted negative attitudes to people who were on benefits or used foodbanks...

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Students and Locals Team Up to Fight Hunger in Leeds

20 Feb 2017

On Thursday 16 February, students at SCM Leeds organised a ‘Big Conversation’, getting students and locals talking about food poverty, and discussing ideas to tackle hunger and food waste in the city. The event was part of the...

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On refusing

9 Feb 2017

I was cautiously optimistic on Election Day here in California. I went to work in a ceremonial pantsuit, never having worn one before, and saw lots of others doing the same. Many more people mentioned it, and when they did, I felt warm. Pantsuit Nation was going to carry this thing. Watching the...

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Who Brings About Change?

6 Feb 2017

On 27 January I was lucky enough to participate in a meeting organised by Ruth Wilde from SCM for students from both the Methodist and Catholic societies to meet with Gisela Stuart MP to discuss the issue of food poverty.

It was initially a rather surreal experience to directly discuss...

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Faith and Frontiers Today

15 Nov 2016

On 5 November I attended Project Bonhoeffer’s event, ‘Faith and Frontiers Today’, which left a lot of room for theological thought. Firstly, Esther Reed’s talk on transnationalism and the work of Bonhoeffer was interesting and led me to question key things that I had come to understand about the...

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‘Feed my Sheep!’ – SCM joins End Hunger UK campaign

31 Oct 2016

The Scandal of Food Poverty

In John’s Gospel, Jesus asks Peter three times ‘Do you love me?’ and then says ‘Feed my sheep’ (John 21:16-17). The number three is important in the Bible – the cock crows three times when Peter disowns Jesus; Jesus rises on the third day; and...

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