Many trans people are in danger for their lives, and some Christians don't help

28 Nov 2017

On Monday evening, walking to meet a trans friend for a meal, I felt low, which is unusual for me. Suddenly it dawned on me that my mood was due to a clip from a breakfast television discussion I'd watched earlier that day. Once again, someone was expressing alarm about trans people: convicted...

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Durham SCM Groups: Building Inclusive Faith Communities in the North East

22 Nov 2017

Durham SCM Societies

It certainly feels more than four-and-a-half months ago that I was approached by our society’s current president, Catherine Wickens, with the idea of joining our two SCM groups – Durham MethSoc and St Oswald’s Student Group – and forming a new student...

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One student’s story of faith in Liverpool

20 Feb 2017

I started the journey to find a church in Liverpool at the very start of my second year. I’d grown up in a Church of England family and had decided to get confirmed at 17, but in my first year I’d never even looked for a church in Liverpool; I hardly remember the thought crossing my mind. It had...

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The Challenge of Welcome

1 Feb 2017

“We are a welcoming church” is something churches often use to describe our congregations - but if we are honest, it’s easier said than done. Welcome is an interesting word, with meanings around greeting, invitation, and hospitality. On one level, a welcome is fairly easy - a friendly hello does...

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Meet Our New GC Members: Caitlin Wakefield

1 Aug 2016

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, including what and where you study.

I'm a Master's Theology student at the University of Glasgow. My academic interests focus on bodily, queer and feminist theology and I also have a penchant for biblical studies. Outside of...

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A New Evangelism?

4 Apr 2016

Recently Exeter MethAng held a session on the thorny topic of evangelism, and guess who had the horror privilege of leading it?  That’s right, yours truly. To say I was apprehensive would be to misrepresent the facts; I didn’t want to do it at all, but I think that’s why we need to talk...

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