Easter Story Not Set In Stone, Say Christian Students

28 Mar 2018

Easter Story “Not Set in Stone”, Say Christian Students

Student group poll on the Easter story shows mixed interpretations of the Resurrection as Easter Day coincides with April Fools’.


For the first time in over 60 years, Easter Sunday...

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Jesus and Guns

16 Oct 2017

The shooting in Las Vegas is still fresh in my mind, partly because it was such a short time ago, and partly because it is the type of thing that happens too frequently in America. This happened in the country that has some of the highest church attendance in the West, where politicians readily...

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The Gospel and Safe Spaces

7 Sep 2017

“Snowflakes” (the non-wintery kind) seem to be the talk of the day, with many a modern-day Cato complaining about the times and mores; they decry “safe spaces” with the same verve one would expect Cotton Mather used in the witch hunts of his day.

One such...

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A reflection on International Conscientious Objector Day

22 May 2017

May 15th is celebrated by many peace organisations as the International Conscientious Objector Day, a celebration which we should use as a starting point to reflect on the depths of Christian tradition and history when it comes to political theology, and the issues of war and...

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GE 2017: Two SCM Members Put Forward Their Political Viewpoints

9 May 2017

Who is my neighbour? – Adam Spiers

In their pastoral letter released prior to the 2015 general election, the Church of England’s bishops attempt to offer guidance to Anglicans as they prepare to vote.  ‘...

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No-one left behind, everyone respected : A reflection on Brexit

3 Apr 2017


I’ve recently been encouraging SCM students and members to try their hand at ‘Faith Reflection’. This is another name for Theological Reflection, which is a way of reflecting deeply on the world and our...

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The Joy of Lent

1 Mar 2017

I once heard Lent described as a three-legged stool comprising of fasting, penance, and almsgiving. Take any single leg away, and it tips the other two off balance and renders the whole thing useless. When I first heard this, I was surprised: almsgiving is a part of Lent? Isn’t it all about...

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A Call Towards A Theology of Littleness

12 Sep 2016

‘To be faithful in little things is a big thing…’

Have you ever heard a Church call itself a 'little flock'?

Today’s global Christianity is unevenly characterised on the one hand by expansion, with numbers rapidly growing in some parts of the world, and on the other hand...

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Universal Basic Income: the Kingdom idea whose time has come

15 Apr 2016


The first time I came across the ‘diffusion of innovations’ was when I was working in a church. It’s a business theory created by a man called Everett Rogers, and it’s quite commonly used to explain why it can take a long time to change anything. The basic idea is that change begins...

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