Easter Journeys

11 Apr 2019

Lent is one of my favourite times of year. I’ve used it to challenge myself for a long time now, often with impacts that last; five years ago I gave up meat for Lent and I’m still a vegetarian now! I love the notion of the journey towards Easter, and lent is a great time to try and get away and ...

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You Can't Buy Lent

10 Apr 2019

Is lent a journey? Is it something we need to suffer through in order to be good Christians? Is it simply a time of year, or just a period of time before Easter Sunday? Is it a second chance to succeed at the diet we abandoned in January? I’ve heard people say all of these things and more. Most...

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Rach's Reflection: Veggie Lent

20 Mar 2019

Working for SCM has obviously rubbed off on me - there are many things I say or do differently because of the time I’ve spent in this inclusive environment, and this lent I’m trying something I’ve never done before.

I’m going veggie… for one day a week.

It’s not that I only eat...

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Celebrating Community in Lent

14 Mar 2019
I have successfully celebrated Lent one time in my life, and I look back on it with a mixture of horror and laughter; I would really prefer to never again go 40 days drinking only water! It was a valiant effort tied with a charity fundraiser, and I’m impressed I accomplished it. However, the...
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