Response to the Baptist Union Council decision on LGBTQ+ ministers

16 Apr 2024

Since 2022 Baptist Union Council has been considering a request from LGBT+ ministers and their allies that the rules for Baptist Ministers be changed so that entering a same-sex marriage would no longer be considered ‘gross misconduct’. On 20th March, the motion was overwhelmingly rejected,...

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The Gospels are Queer: Lent 2024

20 Feb 2024

Reading the story of Jesus through a queer lens and exploring the possibility of seeing me and my experience reflected back in millennia-old sacred text is what has returned my faith back to me. Getting to explore text and ask ‘how would this change if I make it gay?’ is a new hobby. Here are a...

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SCM Statement on Church of England proposals for LGBTQ+ inclusion

18 Jan 2023

The Student Christian Movement in Britain, and especially its LGBTQ+ Anglican members, express deep disappointment at the news that Church of England bishops have not recommended that the Church adopt marriage equality for all. After the vulnerability and good faith with which LGBTQ+ members of...

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Reflections on Reading Living in Love and Faith

20 Sep 2021

For the past eight months, SCM members, trustees and staff have been meeting regularly to read and discuss the Living in Love and Faith resources. Here, members of the group reflect on their experience.

We started reading the Living in Love and Faith book back when it was...

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An Open Letter from SCM to the Church of England Living in Love and Faith and Next Steps groups

20 Sep 2021

An Open Letter from SCM to the Church of England Living in Love and Faith and Next Steps groups

Dear Siblings in Christ,

The Student Christian Movement is a progressive student-led community, committed to putting faith in action. We represent the voices of many...

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A Statement on the Church in Wales' Decision to Bless Same Sex Marriages

7 Sep 2021

The Student Christian Movement celebrates the news that the Church in Wales has formally agreed to bless same-sex marriages. Yesterday, the Governing Body voted in favour of a bill allowing services of blessing to couples in same-sex marriages.

During yesterday’s proceedings, many spoke...

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My Favourite LGBT+ Ally

12 Feb 2020

Fr. James Martin SJ//

LGBTQ+ Roman Catholics have long been a thorny issue for the Catholic Church. Though it theoretically upholds that we “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity" and "every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided” (see...

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Humans Of The Movement - Alex//

5 Feb 2020

I’m 21 and I come from a village near Southampton. Now I’m training in London as a classical singer. The first queer person I met was at sixth form when I was 16. It took me a painfully long time to come out, but she was the best listener and she helped me start to unbind myself. Church-wise I...

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Shouting from the Closet: From Allyship to Acceptance?

30 Jan 2020

As a polite, church-going Christian, acceptability is my forte. In my first year of university, my friends would joke that I was a “good Christian boy”, primarily to get me to act out in one way or another. At church, I am frequently told how good/helpful/nice I am. I rarely face any situation...

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A Response to the Church of England's Pastoral Statement

28 Jan 2020

A response from the Student Christian Movement on the Church of England’s pastoral statement regarding civil partnerships.


A painful reminder of the Church’s position

Following the recent statement by the Church of England’s House of Bishops regarding sex, civil...

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