Student Cross: A Mystery That Draws You In

20 Jan 2020

Since becoming a practising Christian I have gone to a few extra church services around Holy Week and Easter, but otherwise it has just been a normal week for me. Last year, though, I decided I wanted to do something different. For a long time pilgrimage has been of interest to me, specifically...

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On A Journey

28 Feb 2019

When I was given the choice to either remain in Malaysia or come to the UK to pursue my postgraduate studies, I faced a really difficult decision. Standing at the crossroads I had to choose between staying where I had a good solid thing going on, or stepping out of my comfort zone towards a new...

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Mud and Wonder: Walking the Pilgrim's Way

13 Feb 2019

On the 24th March 2018, I found myself standing with my bare feet caked in gooey mud, in the middle of a vast plain of sand and mudflats, following a straight line of wooden poles stretching far into the distance. I was halfway across the Pilgrim’s Way, stretching between the coast of...

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Rach's Reflection: Every Walk a Pilgrimage?

7 Feb 2019

It might surprise you that until about three years ago I wasn't a walker. I didn't learn till I was 19 months old, 'cos crawling was where it was at, and when I left home my family delighted in going on a walking holiday without me to hold them back. I'm not saying I couldn't walk, more that I...

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Why I Walk

1 Feb 2019

I grew up in a Free Church tradition. I attended a Baptist Church at home and when I went to university I found the SCM-affiliated Methodist Society, and through it St Paul’s Methodist Church where I was later baptised. Despite that, this year will be my sixth participating in Student Cross, a ...

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