The Liberal and the Martyr

22 Jun 2017

Faith and UK Politics

British parliamentary politics could not, given the bishops in the House of Lords, be accurately characterised as ‘secular’, but it is certainly godless. As such, theological events are a fairly rare occurrence. However, Tim Farron’s resignation,...

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SCM Joins in Prayer for Manchester

23 May 2017

In the wake of the recent bombing in Manchester on Monday 22 May, SCM joins with thousands across the city – and around the world – to offer prayers of peace and comfort to those affected.

Rach Collins, SCM’s North West Development Worker, who heads up the NW Hub in Manchester,...

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Encounter: An SCM Gathering in Durham

2 May 2017

On a beautiful Saturday in the city of Durham, students came together to worship God, learn from one another and spend time in fellowship. The event was a collaboration between three SCM student groups – St. Oswald’s student group in Durham, Durham Methodist Society and York Christian Focus....

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Why you need to go to church this Sunday

8 Aug 2016

The recent terrorist attack in a French church that resulted in the killing of Father Jacques Hamel as he presided over a service was more than an attack on the church of any one denomination or country. It was an attack on the Kingdom of God itself. At least that was my instant gut feeling when...

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Putting Faith into Action

17 Aug 2015

Some people may well think that being a Christian just means professing a faith in Jesus, but Jesus clearly said 'Follow me'. Sometimes, that means literally dropping everything like those first disciples, and doing what we feel called by God to do. It can feel risky, but often exciting, and God...

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