Student Life

What I’ve learned about my faith from cramming for deadlines, exams and assessments at university

8 May 2017

When I was at university, I found that there were typically two types of students: those who did all their work as soon as possible, and those who did it as late as possible. To my shame, I was consistently a member of the latter! Whether it was writing an essay, preparing a presentation,...

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How to survive uni as an international student

21 Sep 2015

I still remember when I came to study in the UK. I was expecting most things that I saw once I got to Uni, mostly because they sent me a welcome pack, and they also had a nice video that covered all the bases. There's a few things they did not (could not?) tell me, so I'll try to fill in some...

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Life at University: Questions, Doubts and Friendships

7 Sep 2015

Hello you,

It’s me again. Just thought I’d come and say hello, y’know.

When you started University, I knew you were seeking faith but I was still there lurking. Those people in school had given you a tough time, saying the Bible was full of lies. A Methodist, Christian, Liberal,...

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Evangelism 101

14 Jan 2014

Now in some circles evangelism is a dirty word associated with force or even colonialism. Conversion for the individual soul and not something richer or deeper. A battle for the mind and not the whole person.

So my first job is to clarify, when I say evangelism I’m referring to what the...

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Tea and notebook

In times of exam stress, drink tea (and other useful tips)

1 Jun 2011

Yep, it’s that time of year again when all of a sudden it hits you that you have BIG and IMPORTANT things to do. Now, you have two options: you can either run away and hide in a cave hoping that it will all go away. Or you can follow this advice (dispensed by someone who has no authority to give...

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