Student Sunday


27 Nov 2019

Churches are being invited to pray for students around the world on Student Sunday, 16 February 2020.

Student Sunday, known internationally as the Universal Day of Prayer for Students, is one of the oldest global ecumenical days of prayer, and recognises the extraordinary contribution of...

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Rach's Reflections - The First (Student) Sunday of Lent

14 Feb 2018

As Easter moves each year we always get a different set of dates that fit each significant day. I think there is something meaningful about Ash Wednesday clashing with Valentine’s Day and Easter Sunday falling on April Fool’s Day this year, but that is a blog for another day – maybe in 40 days...

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On Praying Together

14 Feb 2018

From the Song of Moses to the Our Father and beyond, prayer is shown to be a foundation stone in the Christian faith. We use it, amongst other things, to offer thanks, as a form of petition, and simply in order to maintain a dialogue with the living God. But prayer remains elusive to so many...

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The Joy of Preaching

5 Dec 2016

Since January 2011 I've been leading worship on my own at least once a month. Recently due to changing jobs and moving churches, I've not preached in almost four months. I've led team meeting prayers and appreciated the opportunity to worship with colleagues, students and chaplains – most...

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All Are Welcome: Prayers for Student Sunday

20 Oct 2016

We are called to welcome everyone into the life of our churches and communities. Throughout the Gospels, we see this demonstrated by Jesus – bringing people together and inviting them in with open arms.

That’s why our theme for Student Sunday next year (19 February 2017) will be ‘All Are...

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Stories of Faith: Why Church Matters

8 Dec 2015

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to engage so fully with a church in my university city. I’ve been called into a role of leadership for the music of my church, and although I have family here too, nothing else has made Durham feel more like home.

I’ve been lucky enough...

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