Art Installations at Southwark Cathedral: Art for the Sake of People

23 Mar 2016

Back in the day, ‘10CC’, a pop group that you may have forgotten about, sang a song called ‘Art for art’s sake’. It was a catchy number but there has to be more to art than that. Art is not something that merely fills a gap on the wall or occupies the space on what would otherwise be an empty...

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Why it's worth telling stories (and telling them well)

29 Feb 2016

At the Greenbelt Festival a number of years ago the late John O’Donohue posed a magnificent question. ‘After the morning you discover that you’re the son of God,’ John said, ‘what do you do for the afternoon?’

Part of why it is such a good...

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Life at University: Theology, Faith and Vocation

23 Sep 2015

When I first set off to university to study theology, along with a reading list and my childhood teddy, I also took with me two determinations: to heed the warnings from home and ensure that my studies did not damage my faith, and more importantly to prove everyone wrong and not work for the...

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Exodus and Exile

21 Sep 2015

From beginning to end the Bible is a narrative of migration, compiled from the stories of migrants. Adam and Eve are exiled. Abraham leaves his home for the Promised Land. Joseph was a resident alien. Moses and the Israelites find freedom through emigration. Displacement follows empire. Jesus...

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My Favourite Theologian: Edward Schillebeeckx O.P.

8 Sep 2015

Edward Schillebeeckx O.P. (1914-2009)

Ross Jesmont

What does Christianity have to say to a world shaped by suffering and a western context increasingly defined by secularism? These two questions created the impetus behind the thought of Edward...

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My Favourite Theologian: Arvind P. Nirmal

8 Sep 2015

Arvind P. Nirmal (1936-1995)

Revd Raj Bharath Patta

Arvind P. Nirmal, the father of Dalit Theology, is my favourite theologian, for he for the first time took cognizance of the Dalit[1] realities in the Indian Church and in the Indian public, and...

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My Favourite Theologian: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

8 Sep 2015

Dietrich Bonheoffer (1906-1945)

Canon Mike West

On 1 February 1933, two months into Hitler’s rule over Germany, Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer gave a short talk on Berlin Radio. He was only 24, yet already established as one of the most gifted theologians of...

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My Favourite Theologian: André Gounelle

8 Sep 2015

André Gounelle (1933 - )

Simone Ramacci

André Gounelle is probably one of the most famous liberal Protestant theologians in France, and the one who almost single-handedly introduced Process Theology in Europe. He is also an expert on Paul Tillich and an...

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My Favourite Theologian: Marcella Althaus-Reid

8 Sep 2015

Marcella Althaus-Reid (1952-2009)

Kirsty Ann Mabbott

Marcella Althaus-Reid specialised in liberation, feminist and queer theology and was the first woman professor of theology at New College, University of Edinburgh.

Althaus-Reid believed that ‘...

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