Vocation, Vocation, Vocation: Christianity and Careers

28 Jun 2023

Almost three years on from finishing university, I find myself working for a university careers service. I certainly didn’t imagine that I would be in this position back when I graduated – in fact, I never used the careers services at either of the universities I attended (don’t tell my boss...

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Called To Be... Feylyn's Discovery

6 Jun 2022

I spent much of my childhood as a young carer for my disabled mother. It was a profoundly isolating, frightening, and traumatic experience, yet God has been so faithful to take care of me and my family.

Growing up in the United States, I didn’t meet any other young carers. I wasn’t even...

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Called to Be: Emilia's Journey

30 May 2022

Growing up I thought vocation meant becoming a vicar or another church sort of job, whereas what I realised I wanted to study and work in was engineering (specifically motorsport). As I learnt more about engineering whilst at university, I felt like it was going to be more than just a job - more...

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Called to Be: Vocations Resource

30 May 2022

Vocation refers to work that a person is instinctively drawn to, combining a sense of suitability and purpose. Though typically associated with a religious calling such as joining the priesthood, vocation can also be related to non-religious work (either paid or voluntary). The idea of vocation...

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Movement 163: What Is Vocation?

21 Jan 2021

Our long read article comes from Gill Frigerio, researcher in career development at the University of Warwick. She gives us lots of helpful ways to think about career, calling, and the difficulties of fitting together our work and our faith. Here is a small section of her insightful...

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Where Jesus Might Need Us

31 May 2018

There is something of a misconception that vocation in the Church involves, or should involve, becoming ordained or being in some kind licensed position. I’m not sure that’s right. The bottom line of vocation is following the call to follow Him; once he has that commitment, he can work through...

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Why I’m Spending a Year Living With a Community of Nuns

3 Jul 2017

Vocation was described by Frederick Buechner as the place where our deep joy meets the world’s deep need. In a few days, I’ll be attempting to find my own sense of calling by spending 12 months living with the Order of the Holy Paraclete, a community of nuns at St Hilda’s Priory in Whitby. Often...

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Rach’s Reflections: Whatever the Future May Be

2 May 2017

I ended up on the Telegraph website the other day, (not on purpose, you know what happens when you click on one article from Facebook), after pondering what to blog about this week. I came across two articles that confirmed my theme of vocation, discernment and life choices.

The first...

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Vocation: a Summons to Live and Love

21 Mar 2017

“What am I do to with my life?” This question is one that has agonised many a young (and not-so-young) person throughout the millenia of human civilisation, especially in times and personal circumstances where a significant degree of freedom in choosing how to live one's life is present.


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Vocation Is For Everyone

20 Mar 2017

The last three years of my life have seen more all-nighters, last-minute panics, existential crises, terrible essays, and general laziness than (almost) the rest of my life. They have also seen more joy, hard work, excitement, deep friendship, country walks, self-belief and discovery than the...

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