Encounter: An SCM Gathering in Durham

2 May 2017

On a beautiful Saturday in the city of Durham, students came together to worship God, learn from one another and spend time in fellowship. The event was a collaboration between three SCM student groups – St. Oswald’s student group in Durham, Durham Methodist Society and York Christian Focus....

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Why You Should Serve and Get Involved in a Cathedral at University

19 Oct 2016

It’s not news to anyone that over the past decade, the church has been continuing to struggle with decline. It is, however, news to most people that in contrast to that, Cathedrals have grown on average...

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Feast or Famine: A Fresh Approach to Worship at Greenbelt 2016

26 Sep 2016

If I am honest, I often find worship at Greenbelt a mixed bag; including the beautiful, the ludicrous, the clichéd, the over-done, the innovative and the moving. I feel sorry for those responsible for leading sessions on the worship programme; it must be a nigh on impossible task to lead worship...

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‘Singing is a lover’s thing’: why I love Choral Evensong

13 Mar 2016

In 2012, the Church of England published a report which revealed that, despite a widespread decline in parish attendance, the number of people participating in cathedral services had...

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